How To Not Suck At Fantasy Football

Here are some resources that will help you not get your ass kicked in your fantasy football league.

borischen tiers

This guy Boris Chen used to be a Data Scientist for The New York Times. Smarter than we are, I’m sure as shit.

Chen wrote about his blog– “In this model, I apply a clustering algorithm called the Gaussian mixture model to an aggregation of expert ranking data provided by The algorithm finds natural tiers and clusters within the data. The charts that result visualize the tiers and help you decide your starting lineup each week.”

BorisChen Tiers make deciding who to start a lot easier. Also helps with pick-ups on the waiver wire. Here’s an example of Running Backs from data (Sep 15 2020 7:13pst)

I’ve got Ezekiel Elliot (Tier 1) and David Johnson (Tier 4). If I see someone on the waiver that’s in a better tier than D.Johnson, I’ll think about picking them up (In my gawd damn dreams).

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