Best New York Pizza in Tampa

Where is the best place to get a New York Style Pizza in Tampa?

Eddie & Sam’s Pizza and Gelato Bar

Eddie & Sam’s Pizza and Gelato Bar is the best place in Tampa to get an authentic New York pizza. Water from New York is imported locally and used to make their dough. Tampa location opened in 1998. Winner of multiple BEST PIZZA AWARDS.

Eddie & Sam’s Pizza and Gelato Bar
(813) 229-8500
203 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa, FL 33602

Best New York Pizza Places In Tampa

Babe’s Pizza

Classified as an Italian Trattoria-Style Restaurant. Menu includes Antipasti, traditional pasta, homemade soups, meatballs, and eggplant. My lunch go to is the Panini sandwich. Can’t go wrong with the hearth oven cooked pizzas. Large selection of Italian wines available. Located in Seminole, north of Park Blvd and Starkey Road.

What is traditional New York pizza?

Traditional New York style pizza is known for it’s wide, fold-able slices, with a thick, flavorful crust. The iconic crust has been attributed to the minerals in the New York City tap water that pizzaiolos use to make the dough.

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